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Now you need Simple.

The all-in-one payments platform designed exclusively for Rock.

You are in good company.

Simple is trusted by many churches in the Rock community

Five Distinctives that Make Us Different

A premium payments gateway built exclusively for RockRMS.

Merlin, a Friendly Giving Wizard

Giving forms should eliminate friction because people are more likely to give on simple forms. We've built the best giving experience that is engineered to grow your giving. Here's what we focused on:

Form completion. How little can you type and still complete a gift? The less work a donor has to do, the higher giving form completion rate.

Conversion to Recurring. Our forms nudge, suggest and celebrate setting up recurring giving.

Giving on your Site. Donors stay on your site to give. You can install on any page or every page of your website.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Tailored suggested amounts. The suggested amounts intelligently adapt to donor.

All-in-One Solution

Vendor for this. Vendor for that. Phooey! Our aim is to cover all your payments needs so you get the simplicity of having just one company to call.

5 Minute Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is painful. We combine all transactions for the past week into a single bank deposit that maps to a single batch in Rock.

Human Support, by Developers, Trained in Rock.

Reach a real person by RocketChat, phone or email. When you need help, you'll talk to a knowledgable person who can actually fix your problem.

Future Proof Innovation

Church tech is changing quickly. Choosing RockRMS future-proofs your church from being left behind. The payments landscape is also advancing rapidly. By choosing Simple you are choosing a vendor that is evaluating and integrating the best new payments innovations.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about us over the years.

"When we were migrating to Rock, giving was one of the things our leadership was concerned about. To our surprise, giving turned out to be the easiest part of our migration."

Van McNeece - Information Services Pastor

"You never feel like they’re too busy."

Traci Fougerousse - Application Systems Analyst

"The migration was so simple!"

Blake Bastin

"Almost $1Million was raised overnight!"

Cathy Yanez - Chief Accounting Officer

"The migration was so simple!"

Dave Clarke - Executive Pastor

"What makes Simple Donation a value to us is that it’s just easy."

Jim Michael - IT Manager

"It’s more than just having a processor, it is like having a partner with a software company. It helped us ease into the transition rather than being worried."

Tommy Prater - IT Director

"We spend fewer hours on accounting!"

Fair, simple pricing for all.

We offer one simple, all-inclusive plan.

$ 149 /mo

No setup costs. No hidden fees.
No long-term contracts or commitments.

Rock Gateway

Mobile Giving forms

Text to Give

Apple Pay

Custom SQL Reports in Rock

Real human support

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What about PCI compliance?

Great news! Your church won't have any PCI compliance or liability. No card number or bank account numbers touch your server ever. Payment data is tokenized in the browser, and the tokens are saved on Simple.


Is this secure?

Yes. All connections and storage use 256-bit SSL bank-level encryption. No card data is stored on your server or Simple but in Stripe's vault.


Will you migrate our existing card data into Simple?

Yes! As long your existing giving processor will send the card data to Stripe, we will move it over and copy the recurring schedules so that your recurring givers don't have to do a thing.


Who owns our giving data?

You do. We push all your giving data into Rock. And if/when you want to move away from Simple we will cooperate migrating the card data in a PCI compliant manner to your next processor.


Will you sell out to Ministry Brands?

No! We are not for sale. Our company is 100% employee owned, profitable and we have a long-term goal of supporting the church community for next 30 years.


Will you raise prices?

No, we won't. We've never raised prices, and we've lowered them twice.


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